Author Phil Hardy
Author Phil Hardy

Who is Phil Hardy?



The son of a WWII era veteran and father of a soldier, Phillip is a decorated military veteran and former Drill Sergeant himself. Phillip served his country with honor for thirteen years. His love of westerns started at a young age while reading such greats as Louis L’Amour, Luke Short, and Zane Grey and now he is the author of Lone Oak, which is already published, and Vengeance is Mine, which is due out later this year.

     Phillip was the owner, editor and chief writer for a monthly newspaper dedicated to delivering news in a fun format. He did the research each month to produce interesting, historical stories about holidays or events that took place in that month. For example, in the March issue you might find the story and legend of Saint Patrick, the man who all of Ireland adopted as their own.

     Phillip is a member of several writing groups and is dedicated to making his stories the best available in their genre. Starting as a member of a small but intense group, Phillip worked hard to perfect his craft. Now he shares his experience and ideas with other aspiring authors while learning from the members in each of those groups.

 “My hope is that the readers of Lone Oak enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

 Phil Hardy





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