Author Phil Hardy
Author Phil Hardy

Our mission is to provide a great story that delivers action, a bit of humor and a touch of romance; a story everyone can enjoy that gives hope without a political agenda in an easy to read format. We believe we have succeded so far with "Lone Oak" and "Vengeance Is Mine".





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Jul 21, 2022
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Lone Oak has been converted into a screenplay! That's right! We are in the first steps of making Lone Oak into a movie!

February 16th we shot the the sizzle reel/trailer in Tucson, AZ. Now we are raising the funds for production. You can help by going to our crowdfunding page on Indiegogo and selecting the sponsorship level and perks that are just right for you. There is a lot more information there as well. Just follow this link.

'Lone Oak' the movie | Indiegogo

Thank you and congratulations to Dave, owner of Sweet Thang Cookies in Hobe Sound, Florida. You are one of the sponsors of the film

"Lone Oak".

Sweet Thang Cookies will be listed in the credits as a sponsor. 

Curious how you can have your name or business listed? Email for more information. 

News and Events

Vengeance is Mine is now available! We are already getting reader responses and they are all positive, Find out how James Harding started down the trail that would eventually lead hinm to LoneOak. Now available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


About the Author

Phil is the author of several short stories and the former owner and editor of a local newspaper. Lone Oak is his first full length book and he hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.



Thank You

 "I want to give a special thanks to those who read the first chapter of Lone Oak and encouraged me to continue on. Their comments about vividly picturing the scene in their mind was such an encouragement that I continued on for years to produce the final work. Please enjoy."

Phillip Hardy



Lone Oak is now available to order e-mail me at today for your signed copy.


 Vengeance is Mine out now. Don't forget to order your copy today. After misplacing more than 150 pages many were wondering if it would ever be available as originally written. I am very glad to say, YES!  If you liked Lone Oak I think you'll enjoy reading where James Harding's journey began. Be forewarned, Vengeance is Mine starts with a vengeance that doesn't stop until the very end.




 Here's a sneak peek.



 Thrown backwards by the impact, Ruthie landed on her back. Her sightless eyes stared into the blue autumn sky as blood soaked the front of her dress. Ruthie who had loved him when he was yet wild; Ruthie who had borne his two children and taught him the joys of family; his one and only love and the one who had tamed him lay dead on the ground.

 Dan snapped. Deep within him the wildness that had been tamed by Ruthie sprang to the surface. Twin six-guns leaped from their holsters and in less than a second the man who had fired the first shot was blown from his saddle with two forty-five caliber holes in his chest less than a hands breadth apart. The rearing of Jacobs’ horse saved his life as the animal took the bullet intended for him between the eyes. The man who reminded Jacobs that they had come for gold fell to the ground with a “third eye” in his forehead. Then the return fire began.





Lone Oak has been converted into a screenplay! That's right! We are in the first steps of making Lone Oak into a movie!

February 16th we begin shooting the the sizzle reel/trailer in Tucson, AZ. Producer, Mark Headley, is securing the talent and the set and we will be traveling to Tucson to be on the set for this exhilarating step. Anyone who wants to be a part of this can contact me at or by texting me at (810) 908-7561.

More highlights coming soon!

Follow this link to our crowdfunding page and find the sponsorship and perks that work best for you.

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I always love to hear from my readers. We are now scheduling appointments for Phillip to address your group or organization. Phillip is available evenings and weekends by appointment. Now is time to schedule for book signings at your local bookseller.   Please don't hesitate to contact me at:

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